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Category: climate action

Oxford Friends of the Earth is a thriving and effective local group that has been active for over 40 years. Our purpose is to work together to promote a healthy and sustainable environment

United for nature and climate in Oxfordshire: Follow up and information

Our Nature and Climate meeting last week went very well. 140 people took part and discussed a lot of very relevant questions on how we can deliver nature and climate solutions. Craig Bennett and Prof. Nat Seddon set out the climate- nature links very clearly. Thanks for the positive feedback we have received and for…
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United for Nature and Climate in Oxfordshire: our next major event

United for Nature and Climate in Oxfordshire: our next major event Our next major public meeting will be on how nature and climate solutions can work together. It is on Tuesday 28th November We have a great set of speakers: Craig Bennett, Director of The Wildlife Trusts (and formerly FoE CEO) Professor Nathalie Seddon, Nature-based…
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Road campaign victory!

We win our case!! On Tuesday July 18th Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Planning Committee rejected the £300M scheme to build a new dual carriageway, new bridges and a bypass near Didcot, against the recommendation of OCC’s own officers. They voted 7 to 2 against the scheme. This is a major victory for us after 18…
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Nov. 10th 2022: How do we fix the energy crisis and the climate crisis?

On Thursday Nov. 10th Oxford Friends of the Earth are holding a major public meeting on this theme. The speakers are: Greg Jackson is the chief executive of Octopus Energy.  are one of the most active energy companies in terms of tackling the climate crisis and cost of living issues.  Tessa Khan is director of…
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Zero Carbon Homes in Oxfordshire

Oxford Friends of the Earth and partners in the Oxfordshire Zero Carbon Homes Initiative (OZCHI) have launched a new campaign with the aim that all new homes across the county are built to ‘net zero carbon’ standards as soon as possible.  Our County faces serious housing pressure over the next decade. Our concern is that however…
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COP 26 – The UN Climate Conference in 2021 and why it matters

Oxford Friends of the Earth  have an informal open meeting on Climate Action and the UN COP 26 conference on Weds. Dec. 2nd  ( 6 – 7.30pm). In November 2021 the UK hosts the UN ‘COP 26’ global climate conference in Glasgow. This is a critically important event for our future. We can all play…
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