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Clean air for Oxfordshire

Oxford Friends of the Earth is a thriving and effective local group that has been active for over 40 years. Our purpose is to work together to promote a healthy and sustainable environment

Oxfordshire has some of the worst pollution problems in South East England, due almost entirely to heavy traffic. Oxford Friends of the Earth has worked on this issue for three years. Poor air quality is a problem in Oxford and in many other towns across the county.  You can see the problem areas on this national Friends of the Earth map.

Have your say! Oxford City Council consultation on the new Air Quality Action Plan closes Nov. 1st.

The City Council has set out the UK’s first localised air pollution target in their new draft Air Quality Action Plan. This is now open for consultation – for full details click here

Responding is straightforward.  You can comment on the City site using our points and your own views.  We have some guidance on our suggested answers to the key questions, and would especially urge you to support the proposal to set a stronger target for NOx pollution.  Read and download our guidance here – it has you all you need to know to answer easily:

Response to City Council air quality consultation

You can answer individually or for a group / organisation. It takes about 10 minutes.

Clean Air: let people know you care

Help us keep this issue in the public eye. Download one of our small posters (see below), print a copy and display it in your wndow or anywhere else suitable.

Our posters can be downloaded here.

There is a choice of three posters:

A4 Poster (portrait-style) with space to add your locality (Help cut air pollution in…..)

A4 Poster (portrait-style) with general text (Help cut air pollution in our county)

A4 Poster (landscape-style) with space to add your locality (Help cut air pollution in…..)

Click on one of these and then click on the image displayed and ‘save image’ to your computer. Please display it as a window poster (and write in your location in the space if appropriate).   Please do also organise a local photograph to send in if you live in an area with air pollution problems. We can supply larger A2 posters.

The Clean Air quiz

We’ve developed this new resource for Clean Air Day.  Click here to get a copy. How much do you really know about air quality?   Other free resources for schools are available via the Clean Air Day website.

2020 Action:  Clean Air Day 8 October

OxFoE organised various events across Oxfordshire as part of the big day of action on air pollution across the UK. The main event was a webinar  on ‘Clean Air across Oxfordshire: what can we do?  The speakers were

  • Jenny Bates (national air pollution campaigner for Friends of the Earth)
  • Tom Hayes Oxford City Council, Cabinet member for the environment)
  • Lynn Knapp, Head Teacher, Windmill School
  • Felix Leach, Oxford University – the OXARIA project https://oxaria.org.uk/
  • Kayla Schulte, OxAIR https://www.oxair.org/

You can watch the video of the event. For anyone involved in education, Lynn Knapp’s talk starts 12 mins in to the video. It’s on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDyxjfHDxZg&t=145s

OxFoE work on clean air: action so far

Our campaign kicked off with a 1400 signature petition to Oxfordshire County Council calling for immediate action to bring pollution down to safe levels by 2020.

We have a Air Quality working group and welcome new people to work with our campaign. If you’d like to know more email: cleanair@oxfoe.co.uk

Our campaign now features:

  • Our Clean Air Charter setting out our ten priorities for action. You can download a copy here. There is a special site that explains the Charter in more detail – www.cleanairoxfordshire.org
  • Our video on air pollution in Oxford is on-line – there’s a two minute and a six minute version – watch on YouTube
  • An anti-idling campaign in six Oxford City schools run jointly with Oxford City Council
  • The development of an Oxfordshire Schools Clean Air Network to promote action with schools on clean air and active transport throughout Oxfordshire.
  • On June 20th 2019 (Clean Air Day) we held a seminar at County Hall on work by schools on air pollution and active travel.  The presentations from this are on the Oxfordshire Schools Clean Air Network page here.