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Clean air for Oxfordshire

Oxford Friends of the Earth is a thriving and effective local group that has been active for over 40 years. Our purpose is to work together to promote a healthy and sustainable environment

Oxfordshire has some of the worst pollution problems in South East England, due almost entirely to heavy traffic. Poor air quality is a problem not just in Oxford but also in most other towns across the county.  You can see the problem areas on this national Friends of the Earth map

Oxford Friends of the Earth has worked on this issue for three years. Our campaign kicked off with a 1400 signature petition to Oxfordshire County Council calling for immediate action to bring pollution down to safe levels by 2020.

We have a Air Quality working group and welcome new people to work with our campaign. If you’d like to know more email: cleanair@oxfoe.co.uk

Our campaign now features:

  • Our Clean Air Charter setting out our ten priorities for action. You can download a copy here. There is a special site that explains the Charter in more detail – www.cleanairoxfordshire.org
  • Our video on air pollution in Oxford is on-line – there’s a two minute and a six minute version – watch on YouTube
  • An anti-idling campaign in six Oxford City schools run jointly with Oxford City Council
  • The development of an Oxfordshire Schools Clean Air Network to promote action with schools on clean air and active transport throughout Oxfordshire.


January 2020 Update: 

We have launched our new competition for Oxford primary schools. .
We are doing this in cooperation with Oxford City Council. We are asking
them to design a banner to highlight the need for 
clear transport (especially to/from school). 

There’s a £250 prize for the winning school so if you know anyone
involved in a local school please share this. For more info email cleanair(at)oxfoe.co.uk



On June 20th (Clean Air Day) we held a seminar at County Hall on work by schools on air pollution and active travel.  The presentations from this are on the Oxfordshire Schools Clean Air Network page here.