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Category: Energy

Oxford Friends of the Earth is a thriving and effective local group that has been active for over 40 years. Our purpose is to work together to promote a healthy and sustainable environment

Nov. 10th 2022: How do we fix the energy crisis and the climate crisis?

On Thursday Nov. 10th Oxford Friends of the Earth are holding a major public meeting on this theme. The speakers are: Greg Jackson is the chief executive of Octopus Energy.  are one of the most active energy companies in terms of tackling the climate crisis and cost of living issues.  Tessa Khan is director of…
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A green industrial revolution?

Tomorrow 17 Nov. the government is expected to release its 10 point plan for a green industrial revolution. The Climate Coalition has put together this briefing (HMG 10 Point Plan) outlining what is expected and what the coalition is campaigning for. The Climate Coalition’s own 10 point plan is available here.   Compare and contrast to see…
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Oxfordshire County Council Climate Action Framework – available here!

Oxfordshire County Council’s new Climate Action Framework is surprisingly hard to access on their website.  So here it is:  OCC_Climate_Action_Framework-August2020    We will be reviewing this shortly.