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New Roads in Oxfordshire – time to say NO!

Oxford Friends of the Earth is a thriving and effective local group that has been active for over 40 years. Our purpose is to work together to promote a healthy and sustainable environment

New Roads in Oxfordshire – time to say NO!

Oxfordshire County Council submitted a planning application in November to build a new 9 mile road from the A34 at Milton through to the B4014 (Oxford-Wallingford rd.) near Clifton Hampden. This will impact on all villages along its route. Five local parish councils are paying for expert advice to help them oppose the plan. 

Oxford Friends of the Earth oppose this plan and urge you to join us in objecting (see below). Our main grounds for objection are:

  • We must invest in clean transport rather than new roads. We need to decarbonise our transport system.
  • New roads designed to ‘relieve’ traffic have repeatedly led to increased traffic in the area. 
  • This road is likely to take traffic off the A34 that is heading for the M40 and may be part of an ‘Expressway by stealth’. If this road is built there will be pressure for a further new road linking this one to the M40.
  • The road proposal is linked to the ‘Oxfordshire Growth Deal’ and to major new housing developments on greenfield sites. 
  • The proposal has not followed government guidance on ‘Transport Appraisal’. 
  • This road will cost at least £218 Million – money that should be invested in clean transport.

You can object easily – find out how at www.oxfoe.co.uk/notonewroads/