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Air Quality in Oxfordshire – online meeting July 8, 7.30pm

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Air Quality in Oxfordshire – online meeting July 8, 7.30pm

Air Quality in Oxfordshire – what’s happening and how do we move forward? Meeting: 8 July

One positive impact of the lockdown has been the fall in air pollution levels. At the OxfoE online monthly meeting on Wednesday 8 July, (7.30 – 9pm) we will be discussing how we can work to ensure air quality improves for the longer term, mainly through action on transport.  We have two excellent speakers:

Suzanne Bartington is an air pollution specialist at the Institute of Applied Health Research at Birmingham University – she is also a Oxfordshire County Councillor and the ‘cycling champion’ for the County.

Brian Stacey works on air quality measurement at national, city and local scales. He has been actively involved in the ‘OxAir’ project and will talk about the changes in air quality as a result of lockdown.

We will have an update on the key points within the Oxfordshire Clean Air Charter which we launched two years ago and look at what needs to happen now.

The meeting will run on Zoom and everyone is welcome.  Please register here and we will send you the link to enable you to join.