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Oxford Friends of the Earth launch ‘Fast Forward Oxfordshire’

Oxford Friends of the Earth is a thriving and effective local group that has been active for over 40 years. Our purpose is to work together to promote a healthy and sustainable environment

Oxford Friends of the Earth launch ‘Fast Forward Oxfordshire’

On Thursday 24th Oct.Oxford Friends of the Earth launch our Fast Forward Oxfordshire report.   This 20 page report looks at what Oxfordshire might be like in 2040 if we have tackled the climate crisis effectively, avoiding the worst consequences. In doing so we will have created a healthier, cleaner and prosperous society and economy.

It has been developed with the aid of some leading Oxford experts (see page 2 of the report) and supported by members of Oxford Youth Climate Action who have written an introduction. A printed copy is going to every councillor across the county, city and districts.

Fast Forward Oxfordshire is about the need for an acceleration in what we are doing to tackle climate change – about moving ‘fast forward’.  It covers six areas: homes and settlements, transport, work, energy, food, and nature.  For each there is a short story of what one person’s life might be like in 20 years’ time (page 6 and following). Alongside these stories are policies for each area that need to be implemented urgently if we are to have any chance of delivering that positive future, and some examples of good practice.

Find out more at www.oxfoe.co.uk/fastforward/. You can download the report and there’s a full list of the policies we are calling

Tackling the climate crisis is partly about avoiding disaster. But finding the right solutions to deal with this challenge can also deliver a very positive future – clean energy and clean air, better transport systems, better food and health, more space for nature to thrive, and an end to fuel poverty. The actions that we need to take now offer the opportunity to deliver a fairer and healthier society.

Oxford FoE will be working to campaign on these issues in the year ahead and would welcome cooperation.

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