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Oxfordshire Climate Action Stories

Oxford Friends of the Earth is a thriving and effective local group that has been active for over 40 years. Our purpose is to work together to promote a healthy and sustainable environment

Do you find yourself wondering what other people in your community are doing to tackle climate change or do you wish you could share what community-led projects you are a part of? Oxford Friends of the Earth are piloting a new initiative to engage people and groups across Oxfordshire to share their climate actions, as forum to learn, inspire and act on climate change. The climate crisis is a worldwide issue which affects each and every one of us, but global change can and should start locally. When we work together we become more resilient and empowered to take on bigger challenges.

What does this initiative involve? 5 minutes of your time and your creative imagination. Below is a survey asking you a few simple questions, to describe your action in around 100 words, and to upload a sutable picture. No matter how big or small, your action is hugely valuable and a great source of inspiration.

You will also be asked to provide the location of your action, by pinning it on a map. This will visually display pictures of your action, its location and a brief description, so other people can learn more about it.

There is no restriction on the number of times you can submit a climate action, just submit another survey!

Scroll down to the map below to see what other groups are active in your area. You may even join their projects and make new friends!

Click here to take part in the survey: https://arcg.is/1nquT90

Why do this? To empower and feel empowered!

And if you need more of a reason, Oxford Friends of the Earth will award prizes for best photograph and best project!



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