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Clean Air for Oxfordshire: what can we do?

Oxford Friends of the Earth is a thriving and effective local group that has been active for over 40 years. Our purpose is to work together to promote a healthy and sustainable environment

Clean Air for Oxfordshire: what can we really do?

Cleaning up Oxfordshire’s air needs everyone involved. How we get around affects our health as well as our climate. Most of the pollution we have to tackle is related to our transport system – cars, trucks, buses, taxis and trains. Using a car less helps you to get healthy and cut air pollution as well as doing the right thing for our climate.  If you’d like to understand more about the causes and impacts of air pollution we have a full briefing based on Public Health England information to download here.

We need:

  • Action by our councils – to set the local policies and frameworks that will support public transport and encourage more people to cycle and walk where they can.
  • Action by government – to set national policies and invest in clean travel
  • Action by local businesses and organisations – to encourage their staff, customers (and students) to make clean travel choices.
  • Action by all of us – we use the transport and we need to be part of the change

Here’s some actions that we can take, starting on Clean Air Day, to help clean up our air. There’s plenty of ways to make a difference!  Choose the ones that work for you. Click here for our ideas.

More advice and actions are on the Oxfordshire Together on Climate Change website, which also offers advice on how you can cut emissions from food, energy use, waste and money! See https://change4climate.uk/

Your first action for cleaner air:

  1. Try going without the car– change one journey a week and try cycling, walking or taking a train or bus (Google Maps can usually offer different ways to make journeys).
  2. Turn off the engine – switch off your engine if you’re sat stationary in your car and reduce air pollution immediately, it’s better for you, your passengers and the air outside (as well as your engine!).

    Next steps:
  3. Cycle or walk more:discuss how to use the car less with other people in your household – work out which journeys can be made most easily by other means.
  4. If you have a bicycle, set yourself a target to cycle at least four days a week (this will be good for your health!)
  5. Walking local journeys is also good for your health – set a walking target of 6000 steps a day (apps to measure your paces can be downloaded for your phone).
  6. It’s not just transport that causes air pollution: don’t burn garden waste but use your council green waste scheme
  7. Think before you drive – don’t drive just to shop for one or two items; combine this with journeys for other reasons.
  8. Shop local – do you really need to drive to a supermarket? (support your local businesses!)

    Taking it further – or set your own actions
  9. Could you do without a car by joining a local car club scheme? – some offer electric cars.
  10. Cyclists get sweaty: does your workplace have a changing room and shower for cyclists? If not, ask the management to invest in one.
  11. Do more with your bike – invest in a cycle trailer to help you handle bigger loads
  12. Contact your councillors – ask them what they are doing to clean up Oxfordshire’s air
  13. If you are worried about the safety of cycling for children, why not get together with others and ask for cycle training at your children’s school?
  14. Make your next car an electric car – petrol and diesel are going to be phased out, so look to the future.
  15. Make your next bike an electric bike – you can go further and faster.