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MP letter

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MP letter

MP letter

Show your support for a national incentive scheme for E-bikes

Use this basic letter to write to your MP – change it as you like, but please keep the 4th sentence (in bold). You can find your MPs’ email here at: https://members.parliament.uk/members/Commons

Use the subject line: incentives for e-bikes (or something very similar)

Please also copy this to Transport Minister Grant Shapps MP: shappsg@parliament.uk

Letter to MP


I see that the government has pledged to ‘create a new era for cycling and walking’. This is very welcome.

I believe that electric bikes have an important part to play in all healthy transport plans. I would like to see the Government introduce a financial incentive scheme to promote more e-bike use.

A report produced last year sets out the case for such incentives and shows how and where they have worked elsewhere, including Austria, France, and Sweden, and also the Channel Islands here in in the UK: https://www.bicycleassociation.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/The-Case-for-a-UK-Incentive-for-E-bikes-FINAL.pdf

This is a simple and effective way to encourage people to use this form of transport, which can help cut congestion and air pollution and provides a real alternative to many public transport journeys at this difficult time. An incentive scheme could be managed by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles which already provides support for electric cars.

I ask you to support this proposal and to contact Transport Minister Grant Shapps MP and ask him to set up a scheme to run alongside any new support for other electric vehicles.
Best wishes