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COP26 – we need action and leadership.

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COP26 – we need action and leadership:
Please write to your MP now!

This page has been set up for the Oxfordshire COP 26 Climate Alliance – see here for info.

This recent article shows that despite a lot of upbeat talk, the UK government is not making adequate process on the COP26 conference:  


As conference president the UK has the responsibility to set the agenda and to create momentum now to lead to a successful event.  We need action now.

There is a letter here:  MP letter file  – you can read it below – that is designed to go to your MPs as a first step in our lobbying work to emphasise the need for our government to get its’ act together now.   If you don’t know your MP’s contact details use this site: https://www.writetothem.com/

This is a ‘template’ letter – you can personalise it, edit it if you wish,  and add your own points. But please keep the key message clear, and please send it as soon as possible!

Dear (MP name)

I am writing with regard to the UN COP26 Climate Change conference.  Boris Johnson has stated that he wants COP26 to be a ‘landmark’.  The U.K. – as the host for the conference -has a clear mandate to deliver real progress and the U.S. climate envoy John Kerry has called the conference “our last, best hope” to hold warming at 1.5 degrees.

I am very worried that at present the agenda and proposed specific outcomes are poorly defined and unclear.   There must be formal legal negotiations at the COP on issues such as the rules for international trading of carbon credits. But if the conference is really to deliver progress and be seen as a success, then the agenda must make space for decisions on key issues of concern such as

  • A green recovery plan
  • A global phase-out of coal
  • Clear new climate goals that keep us in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement
  • Climate finance for poorer countries

At the moment there is no clarity on how these issues will be tackled but the conference is just eight months way and pre-negotiations are starting.

There appears to be a real lack of political leadership and clear decision-making. I would urge you to write to Alok Sharma – the Minister responsible – and the Prime Minister, asking the P.M. to step up to move this process forward, to create a strong package of measures for discussion, and to ensure that the agenda for COP26 creates the opportunity for the world’s leaders to agree an accelerated just transition to a zero carbon economy. It is also important that the UK leads by example – support for projects such as the proposed new coal mine in Cumbria sends a negative and problematic message.

The UK has this one huge opportunity to play a leading role in the global fight against the climate crisis, but if that is to happen then action is needed now. A failed conference will be a disaster for us all.  Please express these concerns to the Ministers.

Best wishes……